Cat Language Bible

Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand human emotions, even words
Get “Cat Language Bible” Today At An Amazing Price + Our Exclusive Bonuses…
Get “Cat Language Bible” Today At An Amazing Price + Our Exclusive Bonuses…

Today Only $69.99 $27

Now You Can Learn How To Communicate Directly With Your Cat And Finally Understand What They've Been Trying To Tell You All The Time...

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This is the guide that takes you from friendly two word phrases that mean very little to your cat… to actual conversations of the type you would have with a small child.
Cats are amazingly intelligent creatures, in fact in some ways their brain even compares to a human adolescent. You may have noticed how your cat even acts like a teenager sometimes! Other animals, like dogs, switch between simple feelings of joy and fear. But cats, having more developed brains can also feel lazy, remorseful, giddy, and a wide range of other emotions of significant complexity. This is why it truly is my passion to help cat owners like yourself to take the next step and communicate with your animal at a higher level. Because I’d hate for you to live another day being nothing but casual roommates, who give each other a wink and a nod… but don’t communicate any further.

Cat lovers all across the country have ordered
The Cat Language Bible™.
Here’s what they’ve had to say about it:

“This manual is a must read for every cat lover. I’ve been through several cat behavior books but none come close to this one in breaking down cat language to a level that is so easily grasped. The pictures are extremely helpful in conveying the message across and after going through this manual I immediately understood my cat better and now I’m a much better care giver and I have since noticed that my cat is being even more affectionate towards me. A great gift to any cat owner!”

Duncan Brown


“Thanks to this book I now know when my cat wants to play and when she wants to be left alone (there are some huge surprises in cat language!), when she is feeling happy and when she is feeling down, when she is meowing for affection and when she is meowing cause she is in pain...not just that but now I know how I can effectively communicate with her. I feel much closer to her now and it takes your relationship to your cat to a whole new level!”

Mariah Walden & Minne


“I found the information in this book absolutely fascinating! It gives a thorough explanation with pictures on how cats use their eyes, ears, whiskers, mouths, meows and tails to talk to us and communicate to us not just their needs but also their emotions. It also gives very good information on proper cat care and invaluable tips on dealing with issues such as spraying and excessive night meowing. I love that I can now finally express to Jinny how much I love her!”

Henriette Marandi


If You’re Taking Action Today, The Cat Language Bible™ comes with
three free bonus guides to help you maximize your
new cat language abilities.


The Cat Care Guide teaches you how to show love and compassion to your feline family member in a way that few others are able to match. You’ll learn how to accept your cat’s feedback and give him the proper attention, entertainment, support, feeding, and anything else based on what he is actually telling you.


Our second bonus guide, Training Your Cat, is all about raising a well disciplined and highly respective cat. It’s no secret that training cats can often be more difficult than training dogs. But again that’s because they have more evolved brains. And just like human beings will sometimes want to dictate their own paths at the wrong times, cats also need a little extra guidance in the form of strong training practices.

This is a guide to teach you how to build obedience the correct way, using love, instruction, and language feedback all together.


Our final bonus guide is A-to-Z Feline Nutrition, and I’d like to think of this one as the fuel that powers our animal’s brains and bodies.

Follow this guide and you’ll literally allow your cat to live a life of strength, vitality, and creativity… or otherwise deal with chronic lethargy, fatigue, and an unfortunate untimely end.

Nutrition is absolutely critical for providing our animals their very best life, and that’s why this guide is so essential.


The Cat Language Bible™ is the culmination of all my research and everything that is currently known about cat behavior and feline-to-human communication. It will show you everything you need to know to be able to communicate with your feline friend and be the best care-giver possible. However, I am still actively involved in the research and therefore I am promising you that if in the future (following new discoveries), I release a new version of The Cat Language Bible™, you get it for FREE! And you don’t have to do anything from your part – I will simply email you that latest version, so you can keep at the forefront of feline-to-human communication research.
Get “Cat Language Bible” Today At An Amazing Price + Our Exclusive Bonuses…

Today Only $69.99 $27