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Former Oath Keeper Was Worried Donald Trump Would Try To “Whip Up A Civil War” If He Was Re-Elected.

Former Oath Keeper Was Worried Donald Trump Would Try To "Whip Up A Civil War" If He Was Re-Elected.

A former spokesperson for the Oath Keepers, an extremist group, states that it is “exceedingly fortunate that more bloodshed did not occur.”

Jason Van Tatenhove, who is concerned about the next election, said the potential for more violence “has been there from the start.” He added that he is worried about images of people being hanged during the insurrection and noted that Vice President Mike Pence was among those targeted.

Although he does not know what exactly awaits him in developing years, he is concerned that he might execute something similar this year to the last one, when he made fools out of many by spreading lies and sowing discord.

As US former President Trump stews about 2024 election, he is uncertain about whom he might face, but he expects that if he leaves a major office for a second time, his followers will use deception and violence to further agitate the group.

“What else is he going to do if he gets elected again?” asked the man, who did not provide his name. “All bets are off at that point.” The man said he is concerned about the world his daughters and granddaughter will inherit if people are not held accountable.


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