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Jana Kramer and former husband Johnathon Schaech have decided to hash out the divorce, their wedding drama, and a lot more.

The relationship between Jana Kramer and Jonathan Schaech turned into a mess early in their restored partnership. Nevertheless, their marriage survived after their separation.

The One Tree Hill alum met the That Thing You Do! star, who is 14 years his junior, on the set of the 2008 horror movie Prom Night.

“Johnathon was the killer at the Prom Night sermon. So be warned that you have not yet seen the Monday, April 18 episode of Brittany Snow’s podcast, Recalling that I instantly jumped with a thrill when I saw it, I saw  Oh, my God, that is the hot guy from That Thing You Do “

Schaech claimed that he hadn’t been interested in Kramer when they had met because he was recovering from his divorce with Christina Applegate, the Why Ya Wanna singer was not taking no for an answer.

“We met on that movie, but you were just kind of getting out of a previous marriage, so I was very much, like, wanting to chase you,” Kramer said. “And you’re, like, ‘I’m never getting married.’ And I’m just like, ‘Oh, no, but choose me, like, love me.’”

“You would stand outside my door and just constantly knock on the door,” he added. “[I was] like, ‘Guys, this girl’s crazy. … I feel so bad for her. She’s so lovely and wonderful and she doesn’t know that about herself.’”

After their relationship imploded several times, the couple eventually married and formally broke up in 2010, per Schaech, who called the two Christina by name every day during their interactions. During Monday’s podcast, Kramer stated that he called Christina “every two days” during their romantic relationship.

Once or twice when we were fighting, I might have got upset and said Christina,” the actor responded. “I was trying to fill that void of my broken heart that I had. So I would accidentally call you by that name when we really would get angry at one another. And you’d be like, ‘See!’ … That was the one thing that I really wanted to tell you — I tried to make you something that you weren’t. I wasn’t healed. I hadn’t taken time to heal myself from that broken heart. And I just wanted you to shine and not me to shine at the same time. And I was so happy that I was able to do something with you that brought all these qualities that you had. But I forgot about me and that’s not fair to you.”

Following a short period of marriage, Schaech met now-wife Julie Solomon and welcomed son Camden and daughter Lillian. Both Kramer and Schaech’s marriage ended on poor terms, but Kramer contacted Schaech and apologized for the disharmony between her and him at the conclusion of meeting mortician Mike Caussin. Regarding the scandal, Schaech declined to comment in 2016. He was the one to talk to country singer Keith Czernedi, but the news came out the following year that Chassid was undergoing rehabilitation after admitted to affairs.

“You said, ‘I heard you got Dancing with the Stars, I’m really sorry about your husband cheating on you. I know you have a beautiful baby, and if you need anything, I’m here for you and my wife,’” Kramer recalled of his email, referring to daughter Jolie. “And I just remember being so thankful in that moment. Because I was going to L.A. with my 4-month-old daughter, my ex was in rehab. … And so he’s like, ‘If you need any baby stuff,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know how long I’m gonna be on Dancing With the Stars, [but] I would love a crib, so Jolie doesn’t have to be in a pack and play.’ … So my tour manager got in contact with his wife, Julie, and [I] pretty much haven’t left Julie’s side since then. She’s the coolest chick in America. She’s so much fun. And you guys became family.”

Things took a turn, however, when the Twitter account for Schaech Woods Business reposted a tweet from their wedding in 2021. Click through the recaps for the remainder of the highlights relating to their reunion in this day and age.

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