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Andy Murray Defended His Decision To Dart An Underarm Serve Against James Duckworth In Wimbledon’s Opening Match.

Andy Murray Defended His Decision To Dart An Underarm Serve Against James Duckworth In Wimbledon's Opening Match.

Andy Murray described the use inservice of the underarm service in Scotland’s Wimbledon round of playing against James Duckworth. His 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 victory gave the Scotsman the opportunity to remark in an impromptu press meet about the practicality in his use of the bizarre reciprocated serve.

Murray’s serve, though not especially pinpoint, got him the point.

Murray told reporters that Duckworth had changed his return position, which is why he did it. Duckworth was standing closer to the net, which gave Murray an advantage on his return. Murray threw the underarm serve when Duckworth stepped back even further, giving himself even more space to hit a strong return. The underarm serve is simply a way of saying, “If you’re going to step back there, then I’m going to possibly throw that in.”

Murray doesn’t understand why others think it might be a bit disrespectful to serve underarm. “I’ve never understood this,” he remarked. It’s a common way of serving. I wouldn’t use an overhead serve if an individual was standing on the baseline because I think it is idiotic because they’ll creep it and see to it.

“I haven’t seen anyone else really do that,” Djokovic said. “But if someone stands four or five meters behind the baseline, then why would you not do that to try to bring them forward if they’re not comfortable returning there? It’s a smart play. No one says it’s disrespectful for someone to return from six meters, whatever, five meters behind the baseline to try to get an advantage.”

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