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Tencent’s Largest Shareholder Has Reportedly Run Out Of Stock To Sell.

Tencent's Largest Shareholder Has Reportedly Run Out Of Stock To Sell.

Tencent’s largest shareholder, about a year after promising it would not sell its stock, will cease its gradual decrease of its stake in the Chinese social media giant and begin to repurchase its shares. Prosus, an independent offering by South African media and internet investment firm Naspers, announced Monday that it would halt its big Tencent investment to fund a share repurchase program.

Tencent (TME) shares tumbled over 4% on Tuesday in Hong Kong following the news. On Monday, Prosus (PROSY) and Naspers (NAPRF)’ stocks took off 16% and 23% in Amsterdam and Johannesburg, separately.


Amsterdam-based Prosus is Tencent’s greatest investor with a 28.8% stake worth about $128 billion.

It’s not whenever Prosus first has sold Tencent offers as of late. Last April, Prosus sold a 2% stake in Tencent for $14.7 billion, the greatest block exchange ever around then. (Block exchanges are regularly organized straightforwardly between enormous institutional financial backers instead of on open stock trades.)

Prosus vowed in those days that it wouldn’t sell any further Tencent offers for basically the following three years.

From that point forward, Tencent stock has jumped 40%, pounded by China’s tech crackdown and a debilitating economy. That crash cleared $295 billion off its market cap.

Prosus said Monday that it would utilize the returns from the unconditional stock deal to repurchase its own portions and those of Naspers.

“It will likewise rebalance our resource base towards our quickly developing non-Tencent resources,” Bob van Dijk, CEO of Prosus and Naspers, said in the proclamation.


The organization said that it would start selling little quantities of Tencent offers “routinely and in a systematic way,” yet didn’t expand on the number of.

Tencent said on Monday the Prosus deal will just address a little level of normal day to day exchanging volume its stock, as per a trade recording.

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