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Biden has not decided whether he will go to Ukraine.

President Biden says he doesn’t know if he’ll travel to Ukraine, despite the White House’s insistence that he go. Biden said in an interview aired on CBS News Sunday morning that he is “not certain” about his plan and that it depends on developments in the country. The vice president’s comments come as tensions mount between Russia and Ukraine over the latter’s efforts to assert its independence from Moscow.

Speaking at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Tuesday, US President Joe Biden was uncertain if he would travel to Ukraine.

“The answer is, I don’t know,” Biden told reporters following his remarks on infrastructure, later adding, “I’ve been to Ukraine many times, just haven’t been there recently.”

The White House has made no official announcements regarding whether the President would visit Ukraine.

Last Thursday, Joe Biden said that he was still working with his staff to make a judgment regarding whether urgent action ought to be taken in regards to sending an official to Ukraine. It is a dramatic demonstration of support for the nation as it receives threats from Russian adversaries.

Various Western leaders have traveled to Kyiv to demonstrate a message of support to the Ukrainian government. Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a special visit to Kyiv last week.

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